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Why Do Senior Citizens Perform Balance Exercises?

A senior couple performing balance exercises in a garden.

Balance exercises are a great way for seniors to stay healthy and active. Not only do balance exercises help to improve strength and flexibility, but they also help to improve coordination and stability. Balance exercises can help seniors reduce the risk of falls and injuries, as well as improve overall physical and mental health. Balance […]

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What To Do When an Elderly Parent Can’t Walk

A senior man with short gray hair holding a cane is looking directly at the camera and smiling

Life can be complicated. And as much as we want to believe our parents are superheroes, there may be a point where mobility becomes a significant challenge for them—especially in their later years. Unfortunately, it isn’t uncommon to witness an elderly parent struggling with their walking ability.  Fortunately, there are some changes you can make […]

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How Does Assisted Living Work?

A senior man with a cane smiles and laughs with a nurse and other seniors.

Assisted living is a program offered at a residential community that provides various services, such as meals, laundry, housekeeping, medication reminders, and assistance with activities of daily living and instrumental activities of daily living.  This type of living arrangement balances independence and support, ensuring residents receive the care they need in a warm, welcoming environment. […]

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